Thursday, March 12, 2009

In sickness and in health...

Ok so keeping up with this is a little more challenging than I thought...
anyways, the entire family has contracted some kind of horrible chest/disease/infection/funk, whatever. Been coughing, sniffling, etc. I have to say, through it all, the boys have been really good about it. I think ari and myself have griped about it more. Caleb is just using it for attention, i think. Could be worse, i could have lost a finger or something!!

Anyone growing tired of the weather pattern in TN? I swear, 80 on Tuesday, i was grilling out hamburgers, and today... sleet. mixed with snow. i.have had. enough. no wonder we are all sickly people!! oh, and did i mention this is supposed to be spring break??? i dont think spring has sprung just yet...

progress, i have figured out the pattern on the little one. likes to get up early, then take a good mid-afternoon nap. stay awake for a few hours, sleep, repeat. not too shabby imho. you know, i never thought the excitement of my day would be finding a good deal on formula in bulk on ebay, amazing how time changes pretty much everything.

tomorrow, friday, a little R&R. meaning not a lot of school work at least. just trying to get caught up for NEXT WEEKEND!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My how time flies...
Just realized today that I hadn't updated this in a few days... surprisingly enough it has been a pretty busy week.
I went to a job fair yesterday, wasn't terribly impressed. It had the look of desperation, sorta like the coyote chasing the road runner, if you know what I mean. Lots of potential employers, but only a few had any "real" positions and a lot of the advice I got from the representatives was " just be persistent, that's what makes it happen" yeah, right, in a few years I'm sure. I did, however, make a few good contacts, so I am pleased with my individual effort. Which reminds me, my credentials might not be sterling, but at least I dressed like I was actually looking for a job, not some hobo wandering in off the street!!
Another day, another 1k diapers and gallon of formula. I think, though, I am starting to figure the little one out. It is getting a bit easier for me to manage him throughout the day. I'm glad too because Ari has been gone pretty much all day at this point. It will be even more important for me because I will graduate in May.
Tomorrow, the routine begins again... diaper, coffee, bottle, coffee... work work work.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


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Well the weather sure has been cooperating this weekend. Almost 70 degrees in February. Gotta love Tennessee weather.
Anyways, I have been preparing for a job fair on Tuesday. I think it is interesting the number of employers that are recruiting, over 160 employers will be there. Have to spruce up the resume, hopefully I can get something lined up for May. I will hate having to put the boys back in daycare, but it is a necessary evil.
I got to talk to an old friend yesterday. Called him out of the blue and kinda caught up on things. I will always be intrigued at how relationships change over time. I can think of several I had over the years that either no longer exist or have changed drastically over the years. Yesterday's conversation made me realize what a different person I am today. Feels good actually.
Anyone else gearing up for Daytona? I am so excited I can't stand it. I have been watching some of the speedweeks coverage, including the shootout last night and qualifying today. Hopefully I will be able to return to form and get to the track some this year... we will see.
Back to the routine tomorrow.. diapers, bottles, burping and school... going to be a busy week!
And before I forget, Happy Birthday Richard!

Friday, February 6, 2009

So... Today started out like any other day, Grant waking up at the crack of dawn, me fumbling around and trying to wake up while downing gallons of coffee...
Anyways, got the boys and myself all ready to go get some groceries and run some errands, and guess what ? NO KEYS!! That's right, no keys for the exploder. I just hate when I make plans to do things and am not able to do them, it makes me a little grumpy.

Anyways, Caleb got to go down the street and play with Cam for a bit, so he was able to burn off a little bit of energy, which is a great thing! Some days its all I can do to keep him occupied. And I still cannot get Grant to nap today! ARRRGH!!

Looking forward to the next couple of days... supposed to be nice and sunny out. I am starting to get a real case of cabin fever, especially since I don't have keys to my car!